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Discover Franklin Lakes

Discover Franklin Lakes, NJ

Nestled in the serene embrace of nature, Franklin Lakes stands as a picturesque and upscale

community, celebrated for its top-notch schools and an abundance of recreational havens.

The town's charm extends beyond its manicured landscapes, inviting residents into a world

where the pursuit of excellence in education meets the tranquility of bucolic living. Franklin

Lakes' commitment to fostering a vibrant community is exemplified by the Indian Trails

Country Club, a distinguished venue that caters to those with a passion for tennis, swimming,

and vibrant social experiences.

One of the town's standout features is its commitment to financial sensibility, reflected in

remarkably low property taxes. This commitment not only distinguishes Franklin Lakes as an attractive residential haven but also underscores the community's dedication to ensuring an economically sustainable future. Residents revel in the sense of fiscal responsibility that permeates the town, creating an environment where individuals and families alike can thrive.

Adding to the allure of Franklin Lakes is the presence of the beloved Market Basket, a local gem that has become an integral part of the town's identity. This popular marketplace not only caters to the practical needs of residents but also serves as a social hub where neighbors can come together to share in the communal spirit that defines Franklin Lakes. In the heart of this upscale enclave, discover a harmonious blend of luxury living, community warmth, and a commitment to creating an environment that stands as a testament to the essence of an idyllic home.

Discover Franklin Lakes, NJ

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Home Styles

Franklin Lakes epitomizes upscale living with its plethora of homes sprawled across expansive acre-plus lots, a testament to the town's commitment to providing residents with spacious and luxurious living spaces. Over the past decade, the landscape has witnessed a surge in new construction, resulting in an array of opulent homes that cater to the discerning buyer. The appeal of Franklin Lakes extends beyond its impressive residences, as the town prides itself on maintaining low taxes, rendering it a highly desirable locale for those seeking both luxury and financial sensibility. Noteworthy neighborhoods like Urban Farms and Shadow Lake Estates contribute to the town's diverse charm, while the Franklin Reserve stands out as an enticing option for buyers in pursuit of a luxurious townhome lifestyle. Franklin Lakes stands as a harmonious blend of expansive living spaces, low tax incentives, and diverse real estate offerings, making it an unparalleled destination for those aspiring to elevate their living experience.

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Franklin Lakes Homestyle 3
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Franklin Lakes High School Choices
Franklin Avenue Middle School prepares students for high school with a comprehensive curriculum and focus on holistic develop

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Franklin Lakes boasts a top-rated school system within the FLOW district, shared with Wyckoff and Oakland.

In summary, Franklin Lakes offers top-notch education with diverse high school options and excellent elementary and middle schools, emphasizing both academic achievement and personal growth.


Located just 45 minutes from the heart of New York City, Franklin Lakes offers a convenient and accessible suburban retreat. Commuters can easily access the city through the efficient NY Transit Bus system, providing a seamless and stress-free connection to the vibrant energy of NYC. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the tranquility of suburban living and the proximity to the bustling metropolis.

NY Transit Bus

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Franklin Lakes Parks & Recreation 1
Franklin Lakes Parks & Recreation 3
Parsons Pond Park: Immerse yourself in nature at Parsons Pond Park, a serene and inviting space for outdoor activities.

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Parks & Recreation

Explore the natural beauty of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, at Parsons Pond Park and Municipal Field for outdoor activities. Enjoy a serene escape at the Borough of Franklin Lakes or relish country club experiences at Indian Trails. Franklin Lakes caters to diverse preferences, offering picturesque landscapes and recreational amenities for all.

  • Parsons Pond Park: Immerse yourself in nature at Parsons Pond Park, a serene and inviting space for outdoor activities.

  • Municipal Field: Enjoy recreational activities and leisure time at Municipal Field, offering a welcoming environment for family and friends.

  • Borough of Franklin Lakes: Discover the tranquility of the Borough of Franklin Lakes, a peaceful escape surrounded by natural beauty.

  • Indian Trails Country Club: For lovers of country club experiences, Indian Trails Country Club awaits, providing a premium setting for socializing and recreation.

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