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Discover Hohokus

Discover Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Escape the relentless pace of city life and discover tranquility in the charming town of

Ho-Ho-Kus. Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, this small but captivating town offers an idyllic

retreat with its top-rated school system and convenient proximity to New York City. Continuously

learning accolades as one of New Jersey's finest, Ho-Ho-Kus is a haven for those seeking a

harmonious blend of suburban comfort and urban accessibility.


Ho-Ho-Kus, adjacent to Ridgewood, stands out not only for its picturesque landscapes but also

for its vibrant community life. The town is adorned with a collection of unique shops, inviting

restaurants, cozy bars, and ample recreational spaces. Whether you're strolling through the

quaint streets or savoring a meal at one of the local eateries, the town exudes a distinct charm

that makes it a cherished destination.

An additional allure lies in Ho-Ho-Kus's affiliation with the esteemed Northern Highlands Regional School District, ensuring an exceptional education for residents. Families are drawn to the town's commitment to academic excellence, enhancing its reputation as a sought-after residential enclave.

For those yearning to escape the urban hustle without sacrificing modern conveniences, Ho-Ho-Kus beckons as a retreat that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds. Discover the allure of this gem of a town, where a peaceful ambiance and access to cultural amenities converge to create an enchanting living experience.


*Image by Andy Sutcliffe via Flickr

Home Styles

Nestled within its verdant neighborhoods, Ho-Ho-Kus beckons with a diverse array of home styles, ranging from enchanting Cheel Tudors to expansive multi-million dollar estates. This idyllic town, often praised and consistently ranked among New Jersey's best, offers a spectrum of living options, each exuding its own unique charm. Whether you seek the quaint allure of Tudor architecture or the grandeur of luxurious estates, Ho-Ho-Kus invites you to explore a rich tapestry of residential possibilities, making it a haven for those in search of a home that perfectly complements their lifestyle.

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the charming town of Ho-Ho-Kus may be small, but it stands tall in terms of education, boasting its own top-rated school system. Key educational institutions include:

  • Ho-Ho-Kus Elementary School (K-8): Providing a foundation of excellence in education, this institution caters to students from kindergarten through eighth grade, fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment.

  • Northern Highlands Regional High School: As a part of the acclaimed Northern Highlands Regional School District, Ho-Ho-Kus ensures a seamless educational journey into high school. This institution is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, preparing students for future success. Despite its size, Ho-Ho-Kus prioritizes education, making it an ideal community for families seeking a nurturing environment for their children's growth and development.


Just 45 minutes from New York City, Ho-Ho-Kus offers a perfect blend of suburban peace and urban accessibility.

  • Key Transportation Routes:

    • Route 17: Ensuring easy connectivity within the region.

    • NY State Thruway: Swift access to and from New York.

    • Garden State Parkway: A vital thoroughfare enhancing town accessibility.

  • Ho-Ho-Kus Station - NJ Transit: Direct train and bus services to NYC, providing residents with convenient commuting options.


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*no copyright infringement is intended

Parks & Recreation

Embark on a journey through time in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, as you explore its rich historical tapestry woven into captivating landmarks. One such gem is The Hermitage, a beacon of history nestled in this quaint town. This meticulously preserved site invites visitors to delve into the past, offering a glimpse into the lives and stories that have shaped Ho-Ho-Kus. From architectural marvels to tales of yesteryears, The Hermitage stands as a testament to the town's commitment to preserving its heritage, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

*Image by Andy Sutcliffe via Flickr

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