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Discover Oakland

Discover Oakland, NJ

Nestled among serene landscapes and embodying a strong commitment to

safety, Oakland stands out as one of the safest and most inviting towns in the

nation. Boasting a crime rate that consistently ranks among the lowest, Oakland

provides an idyllic setting for a secure and tranquil lifestyle. Beyond its safety

credentials, the town takes pride in offering a top-notch school system, ensuring

that residents have access to excellent educational opportunities.

Oakland's appeal extends beyond its safety measures and educational

excellence; it is enriched by numerous recreational areas that enhance the

quality of life for its residents. The town embraces a harmonious blend of natural

beauty and modern amenities, creating a perfect environment for those seeking

not just a residence but a true home.

With its commitment to safety, exceptional educational institutions, and a plethora of recreational spaces, Oakland emerges as a wonderful and well-rounded community, embodying the essence of an ideal place to call home.

Discover Oakland

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Home Styles

In Oakland, you'll discover that your budget stretches a bit more compared to other towns in Bergen County while still enjoying a comparable school system. The housing options range from charming smaller ranch-style homes to grander colonial residences, providing a diverse array to suit various preferences and needs. For those seeking a sense of community within a planned setting, the residences in Oakland Reserve offer an additional perk – a dedicated pool, enhancing the appeal of this already attractive neighborhood. Whether you prefer the cozy simplicity of a ranch or the stately presence of a colonial, Oakland caters to a spectrum of housing preferences, making it a financially sensible and diverse residential choice.

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Oakland Schools 1
Oakland Schools 2

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Situated approximately an hour from the bustling metropolis of Manhattan, Oakland stands as a tranquil yet well-connected enclave. The town's accessibility is enhanced by its proximity to Highway 287, providing residents with efficient travel routes for both work and leisure. Adding to the convenience is the town's comprehensive bus service network, offering a reliable and extensive transportation system. This strategic location not only allows for easy commutes to the vibrant heart of New York City but also positions Oakland as a desirable residential haven, balancing urban accessibility with suburban tranquility.


Oakland boasts a highly acclaimed school system, known for academic excellence.

  • Regional Collaboration: As part of the FLOW system with Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff, high school students choose between Indian Hills or Ramapo Regional High School, offering diverse academic pathways.

  • Dogwood Hill Elementary School: Nurturing early education, Dogwood Hill is fundamental to Oakland's commitment to a solid foundation for young learners.

  • Heights Elementary School: Focused on academic achievement and holistic development, Heights Elementary shapes Oakland's students.

  • Manito Elementary School: With dedicated faculty and an engaging curriculum, Manito Elementary ensures a well-rounded learning experience.

  • Valley Middle School: A pivotal stage in students' journeys, Valley Middle School bridges elementary and high school, fostering academic growth and personal development.

Shortline Bus

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Lake Ramapo

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Crystal Lake
Oakland Recreation Complex:]

Parks & Recreation

Discover nature's beauty in Oaklands parks! From Great Oak Park to Crystal Lake, enjoy quality family time surrounded by scenic landscapes. Explore trails in Ramapo River Reserve and State Forests for a serene escape. Create lasting memories in Oakland's inviting parks!

  • Great Oak Park: Enjoy nature's beauty at Great Oak Park, where greenery and amenities set the stage for quality time with loved ones.

  • Oakland Recreation Complex: A hub for outdoor activities, the complex is ideal for community gatherings and leisurely pursuits, offering diverse recreational facilities.

  • Ramapo River Reserve: Explore picturesque landscapes at Ramapo River Reserve, with winding trails creating a serene environment for nature enthusiasts.

  • Ramapo State Forest: Nature lovers find solace in the vast Ramapo State Forest, a haven for outdoor adventures with diverse ecosystems and well-maintained trails.

  • Ramapo Mountain State Forest: Discover the enchanting beauty of Ramapo Mountain State Forest, with lush woodlands and captivating vistas for a peaceful escape into nature.

  • Crystal Lake: Serenity meets recreation at Crystal Lake, offering a charming setting for water relaxation, picnics, and outdoor living with loved ones.

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