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Discover Saddle River

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Discover Saddle River, NJ

Discover Saddle River

Nestled in the heart of Bergen County, Saddle River stands as a perennially

coveted enclave for those seeking an unparalleled living experience—

provided you have the means. Boasting a resident roster that includes

business executives, celebrities, and discerning individuals, Saddle River

epitomizes exclusivity and refined living.

One of the town's distinctive features is its commitment to privacy and the

embodiment of luxury within its sprawling estates. While the real estate market

in Saddle River is associated with premium price tags, the burden is mitigated

by the advantage of low property taxes. This fiscal benefit adds a strategic

allure to the town, making it an investment-worthy destination for those who

appreciate opulence without compromise.

Saddle River's allure extends beyond its luxurious residences, encompassing expansive properties and a commitment to top-tier education. The town's dedication to maintaining large lots and hosting esteemed schools enhances its desirability, catering to those who prioritize spacious living and educational excellence.

In summary, Saddle River transcends the conventional, offering a haven for those who value privacy, opulent estates, and a community that prioritizes both. With low property taxes, prestigious schools, and expansive properties, Saddle River remains a coveted destination for those seeking the epitome of refined living in Bergen County.

Home Styles

Situated amidst the picturesque scenery of New Jersey, Saddle River is distinguished for housing some of the most breathtaking residences in the state. Boasting expansive 2-acre zoning and alluringly low tax rates, the town is synonymous with an abundance of sprawling luxury estates. From grandiose mansions to extensive properties, Saddle River emerges as the quintessential destination for those seeking the pinnacle of refined living in the heart of the Garden State.

Saddle River Homestyle 1
Saddle River Homestyle 2
Saddle River Homestyle 3
Saddle River Homestyle 4
Saddle River Schools 1
Saddle River Schools 3

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Saddle River Schools 2


Discover the educational opportunities that make Saddle River an ideal destination for families seeking an unparalleled academic experience.


Strategically located just 45 minutes from the bustling heart of Manhattan, Saddle River offers residents convenient access to the city that never sleeps. The town is efficiently serviced by a reliable bus system, ensuring a seamless and time-efficient commute for those who prefer public transportation. Additionally, for a more personalized travel experience, some residents opt for a quick drive to neighboring Allendale, where they can easily access the NYC train network. This dual accessibility enhances the flexibility of commuting options for Saddle River residents, catering to both the convenience of bus travel and the efficiency of train connections.

NJ Transit Bus

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Saddle River Community Events and Festivals

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Saddle River Parks & Recreation
Rindlaub Park

Parks & Recreation

Discover Saddle River's vibrant parks and recreation:

  • Tranquil Park Retreats: Peaceful green spaces for relaxation.

  • Scenic Walking Trails: Perfect for unwinding and embracing nature.

  • Family-Friendly Recreation Areas: Playgrounds and picnic spots for quality family time.

  • Sporting Facilities: Well-maintained for various interests.

  • Community Events and Festivals: Fostering social connections and community spirit.

Experience the joy of outdoor living in Saddle River, where nature and community converge.

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