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4 Ways to Increase Your Home Value – without breaking the bank

First impressions are everything – especially in real estate. A buyer will look at a house online, or walk through during an open house, and know immediately whether or not it’s the one for them. How do you ensure more buyers choose to consider your home for purchase? One way is to make sure your home is one that appeals to the masses – and that’s where updates come in.

Most homes can benefit from simple refreshes that are easy on the wallet and pack quite a punch on your house value. Here are some tasks to get you started.

Curb Appeal

This is the true first impression. The outside of the home is usually the first photo on the listing. It’s the first thing a buyer sees when they come to a showing or open house. Let their mind be open to your house as a possibility for them by maximizing the curb appeal. Cut down any overgrown bushes or shrubs. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Replace your faded house numbers. Power-wash your walkway and steps. Plant seasonal flowers. All these simple tasks will give your house the facelift it needs to wow a buyer from the get-go.


A fresh coat of paint never hurts, in fact, it’s probably one of the things we recommend the most. It’ll cover up any scuffs that naturally have happened over time, and give a nice clean look. Light and airy – that’s what buyers want to see, so choose neutral colors. Our listing agents can help you choose the right shade to impress buyers.

Update Finishes

Light fixture from the 1980s? Bathroom faucet that looks out of place? Mismatched door handles throughout the house? Dated cabinet hardware? If a buyer is making a list of all the small things they’ll need to replace or upgrade, it will impact their offer. Updates like these don’t cost very much and can bring a big impact. Also, updated fixtures give the overall impression of the home being up-to-date which can help mask some other features that are dated. Think clean and simple when it comes to finishes and you’ll appeal to a bigger array of buyers.


Clutter is like placing a dark veil over all the great things your house has to offer, so get it all out of the way! Buyers shouldn’t have to look past all your stuff to envision their lives in the home. Make it easy for them. Clear off messy bookshelves. Minimize items on your kitchen counter. Put away personal photos. The more that’s kept behind closed cabinets or in closets, the more comfortable a buyer will feel seeing themselves settling in the space and the more your home will shine.

Want more? We’re hosting a FREE Home Staging and Buying Seminar on Wednesday, February 8 at 7pm at the Glen Rock Public Library. Join us for all the tips and tricks you need to present your home in today’s market.

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