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Located in northern Bergen County, this town combines natural beauty with suburban comforts. Home to Ramapo College and a mix of residential neighborhoods, it offers diverse housing options and recreational amenities. Known for its parks, hiking trails, and golf courses, it provides outdoor enthusiasts with ample opportunities for recreation. Its proximity to major highways and commuter rail lines makes it an attractive choice for commuters looking to escape to a suburban environment.

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Situated in the scenic Ramapo Valley, Mahwah offers a mix of Ranch-style homes and contemporary residences set amidst rolling hills and wooded landscapes. The town's residential neighborhoods feature spacious properties with expansive yards, providing ample space for outdoor recreation and…

Home Styles


School District: Mahwah Township Public Schools

Mahwah Township Public Schools are dedicated to academic excellence, innovation, and student-centered learning. Mahwah High School offers a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for college and career success, featuring advanced placement courses, vocational training,…



Mahwah is served by NJ Transit’s Main Line and has bus services connecting it to neighboring towns and New York City. The town is also known for its access to major highways, facilitating easy car travel.



Mahwah's extensive parks and recreational facilities cater to outdoor enthusiasts and families. Campgaw Mountain Reservation beckons with year-round activities like hiking and skiing, offering panoramic mountain views and wooded trails. Ramapo Valley County Reservation features hiking trails, fishing ponds, and…

Parks & Recreations

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