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Discover Paramus

Discover Paramus, NJ

The outlets at Bergen Town Center

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Welcome to Paramus, where the allure of world-class shopping, easy access to major

highways, and low property taxes converge to create a uniquely desirable town. Renowned

for its upscale retail destinations, Paramus offers residents an unparalleled shopping

experience, with a range of high-end fashion and unique boutiques just moments away.

Strategically located with seamless access to major highways, Paramus ensures residents

can navigate their surroundings effortlessly. The town's commitment to low property taxes

further enhances its appeal, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a balance

between quality living and financial prudence.

Beyond practicality, Paramus embraces a lifestyle that seamlessly blends convenience and excitement. With swift access to New York City, residents can enjoy the vibrancy of urban living while savoring the tranquility of suburban bliss. Paramus is not just a location; it's a lifestyle where convenience meets luxury, offering the best of both worlds in a town that understands the art of living well.

Home Styles

Discover Paramus, where timeless classics and modern designs converge in a vibrant housing landscape. From mid-century gems to contemporary living spaces, the town offers a diverse range of options to suit various tastes. Paramus is not just a place to live; it's a dynamic community evolving with new construction and ongoing investments, ensuring state-of-the-art living spaces that cater to the diverse preferences of residents. Experience the fusion of classic and modern in Paramus, where each home tells a unique story, seamlessly blending innovation with tradition.

Paramus Homestyle 1
Paramus Homestyle 2
Paramus Homestyle 3
Paramus Homestyle 4
Paramus Field
Paramus High School

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In Paramus, education goes beyond the classroom, with a diverse range of activities ensuring that students have opportunities for holistic development. From academic achievements to extracurricular pursuits, Paramus's school system is dedicated to shaping well-rounded individuals poised for future success.


Nestled just 30 minutes away from the vibrant pulse of New York City, Paramus offers an unrivaled blend of suburban tranquility and seamless urban access. Whether you opt for a convenient bus ride or choose to traverse the iconic George Washington Bridge by car, Paramus ensures a swift and stress-free connection to the cultural and economic epicenter of NYC. Revel in the best of both worlds as you experience the ease of reaching the city while enjoying the comfort and charm of Paramus, where suburban living harmoniously coexists with the excitement of metropolitan energy.

NJ Transit Bus

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Paramus Parks & Recreation
Van Saun Park

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Parks & Recreation

Discover the natural beauty of Paramus with a visit to its enchanting parks. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and recreational offerings of these green spaces.

  • Van Saun County Park: A sprawling expanse with a zoo, carousel, and scenic walking paths.

  • Besen Park: Perfect for picnics, featuring open fields and playgrounds for family fun.

  • Petruska Park: A serene retreat with lush greenery and well-maintained trails for leisurely strolls.

  • Reid Park: Unwind amidst nature with this charming park boasting serene landscapes.

  • Madison Park: Ideal for sports enthusiasts, offering various athletic facilities for active pursuits.

  • Spring Valley Park: Escape to this peaceful haven, complete with ponds and picturesque settings.

  • Buehler Park: A gem for relaxation, providing a quiet atmosphere for a leisurely day outdoors.

  • Saddle River Park: Explore nature's wonders along walking and biking trails in this scenic park.

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