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5 Qualities to Look for in a Buyer's Agent

Updated: Mar 10

The decision to purchase a new home is a big one – in fact, it’s one of life’s major milestones. There are so many ins and outs of the process that connecting with the right agent will be invaluable in securing the best home at the best price. In fact, contacting a buyer’s agent should be your very first step. What should you be looking for in an agent? Here are five qualities you shouldn’t compromise on:



There is so much that goes into homebuying – from preapproval to contingencies, inspections to closings – and an experienced agent team has likely seen and worked through every hiccup you can imagine. A good agent will bring the expertise you need to guide you through the expected and, most importantly, the unexpected. 


Market Knowledge

You don’t want a shoe salesman selling you diamond rings for the same reason you don’t want an agent without knowledge of your local market selling you a house. What may seem like a good deal to you may be the opposite based on comps, neighborhoods, conditions, etc. An agent with in-depth insight into the current market trends is a valuable tool for the active homebuyer.


Access to Inventory

Want access to homes before they come on the market? Or have access to properties that sell off market? If so, then you need to work with an agent within a team that lists most of the homes in the area and who has a large volume of the market.


Communication/Listening Skills

Not only should an agent make themselves readily available to you and keep you up-to-date consistently, but they should also be adept at listening to your needs and wants. Through thoughtful conversations, the right agent will save you time and money by narrowing your search to homes that best fit your wants and needs.


Negotiation Skills

In a competitive buyer’s market like the one we’re in today, there are commonly multiple offers on a home within a week of it hitting the market. How do you secure the home without outspending your means? You find an agent with superior negotiating skills to write your offer with the most desirable terms.

It’s no surprise that The Gill Group’s buyers’ agents all possess these qualities – we’re the No.1 team for a reason! Give us a call to set up a call to discuss your home buying goals – 201-888-2900.


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