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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

School’s back in session and pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu – all the signs that Fall is coming. In between hayrides, it’s important to find some time to tackle some important to-do’s off our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist. Trust us, keeping your home in top shape will bring rewards in the future in the form of greater home value.

Clean Gutters

Clear out leaves, branches and other debris from your gutters to keep the flow of water away from your home. Clean gutters can also prevent ice damming and leaks during winter months.

Winterize Sprinkler System

If you have an inground irrigation system, it’s imperative to winterize it to prevent frozen water from breaking pipes, leaking and creating an overall headache.

Remove Garden Hoses and Shut off Water Valves

Along with your sprinklers, make sure all exterior water sources are shut off. Water expands when frozen, so even a small amount can easily burst pipes and hoses.

Check Your Furnace

Better to check now that your furnace is in top shape than in the cold of winter – a licensed professional can help. Also, it’s a good time to change or clean the filter.

Inspect Windows and Doors

Look around for any drafts or open spaces to the outdoors. Not only will this save you on heating costs, but it’ll ensure pests stay outdoors come winter.

Yard Maintenance

Cut back shrubs and plants, clear out fallen leaves and fertilize your lawn. You’ll be happy you did once the spring thaw comes along.

Test Fire and CO alarms

When clocks fall forward, it’s the prefect reminder to check your safety alarms and change out the batteries.

With continued home maintenance, you can ensure that your home holds, or even increases, in value. If you’re curious about what your home may be worth, give The Gill Group a call 201-888-2900 for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.


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